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Your sports team has an agency that offers 24/7 on-site support and 100% fulfillment of the details that will bring out the best performance in your players and athletes. Wherever you need it, even in space.

This is not an affirmation, this is a promise.


We have in our DNA the best of Romania, Moldova and the Balkans. We can make ourselves clearly understood in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and a lot of the ”stan” countries. Beyond that, our affiliation to STM Europe takes us anywhere.


Be it a corporate meeting, an incentive trip, an exhibition or team building, we will bring in the game the same level of efficiency, attention to detail and playful imagination expected by high performers like those in your company. 



Our drivers know not to take selfies with the group, say ”Hello!” and ”Welcome”, open doors, are the best indoor weathermen you can imagine and, when the vehicle is stationary, the best DJ’s in the universe!

Safety is in our name. Do we need to repeat?


You prepare the game. You prepare your presentation. You prepare for the moment of happiness when you will reach your goals.

We do everything else.

Safe Travel Agency organizes the meet and greet at the airport, the transfers, accommodation, specific team requirements, handle the board, VIPs, press & sponsors. We pay attention to all the numerous details and your travel requirements.

Our Success Story.

Our story is one about passion. We have learned to enjoy being behind the scenes. We have gotten strangely accustomed to becoming the fans of a new football club every couple of weeks. We know that for us there is no ”rematch”, no ”second leg” or ”no next championship.” Safe Travel Agency must win every single match of our own and be perfect every time a club gives us the honor of being part of their performance.

Being a sports travel agency is about being part of a very select and small club. It takes a lot of votes to be accepted, but only one mistake will send you out of the pitch. Forever. 

The Safe Travel Agency perfect client is:

  • You are a professional club team or national team
  • You require professional sports travel services
  • You take part or organize a major sports event.
  • You take part or organize a corporate event.

We are an expensive sports travel agency. We are also an expensive corporate events agency and we are not afraid to tell it upfront. 

Whenever you need to take an important decision that may bring you closer to reaching all your goals, you will need us to be able to focus on that objective and nothing else. Your expertise and your players’ years of training are measurable in sweat and figures. So is ours. 

Still, be sure we will be next to you 24/7, we will deliver more than is written in the contract. We will help you focus on the game and nothing else. This is not in the contract, this comes with a handshake.  

Safe Travel Agency is a member or affiliate of:

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Our Performance Managers .

Testimonials .

  • I want to thank you very much for your support, amazing work and cooperation during this season that is now about to end in such a wonderful way. (Winning the Champions League)

    You all have contributed with great effort to offering the very best services to our client (Real Madrid) and therefore you should feel that a part of the Trophy is also yours.

    I hope to have the chance to work with you again in the near future.

    Cheers!!! and see you soon!!

    real madrid safe travel agency Moldova
    Real Madrid, 2021
    Director Outplant Travel Agency of Real Madrid
  • Just a note to say thank you to everyone for all the hard work that was put into our stay in Chisinau. Really appreciated and we had some great feedback. Hopefully we are able to return again soon!

    sports travel agency of Manchester United
    Manchester United, 2022
    Travel Department
  • Thanks Mihai! 🙂 for us it was easy as well! Transnistria and all its limits doesn’t scare us anymore

    travel agency of internazionale milano
    Inter Milano, 2021.
  • (…) there is very positive feedback from the Club regarding both Safe Travel and Hotel and the service you provided. So, thank you very, very much. I really do hope we will have chance to cooperate again very soon.

    sports travel agency
    Red Star Belgrade, 2020
    Football Club Travel Management Agency

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